Christmas clearance finds in the classroom
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Using Christmas Clearance Finds in the Classroom

Christmas clearance finds in the classroom

Christmas clearance sales are some of the best of the year – and they can really help you head into the rest of the winter with a good plan for your classroom! On Monday I shared a list of some of my favorite items to pick up for preschool while you’re shopping these sales. Today, let’s talk about some ways to use your Christmas clearance finds in the classroom.

The sensory bin is a great place to start – fake snow with little animal figurines, cutting different kinds of ribbon, a bag of bows and little boxes – you get the idea. The great thing about Christmas clearance items is that you can often get them in a snow theme and use them all winter, or in red which is perfect for Valentine’s day.

There are so many different art projects that your group can do with Christmas items all year long. Any project that uses tissue paper or ribbon is one idea, but also using gift boxes to create Valentine boxes!

You could also give each child a gift box to decorate, and then have them all use these as their collection box. This could be their place for drawings and work that they want to keep, random things that they find, special notes from friends, etc.

Did you end up buying different kinds of bells? These are perfect for music and science of sound exploration. How do they work? Do different types of bells sound different? Why? These questions will keep your preschoolers busy AND learning!

What are some of the things that you picked up for the classroom? I’d love to hear how you’re planning to use them!

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