Christmas Gifts for Babies 2023
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Christmas Gifts for Babies 2023

Halloween is tomorrow, which means it’s the perfect time to start sharing holiday gift guides… I know, it makes no sense, but this is the world we live in! Sharing gift recommendations for the youngest children is one of my favorite things to do. Infants can be so tough to buy for – they don’t NEED anything, and they aren’t old enough to really play with much, or let’s be honest even understand why they’re getting new things on this random day. Buying gifts for babies is truly about the giver and the child’s parents. Here are some infant gifts that are fun to give, and families will be grateful to receive. Just a reminder, all links are affiliates and I’ll receive a portion of the proceeds.

Fisher Price Flap & Wobble Penguin – This adorable little penguin is truly fun for all ages. The floppy wings and feet are easy for the youngest babies to grab onto, and older infants can learn to activate the noise features and dance around with it.

5 in 1 Baby Play Mat – This play mat stands out because it’s multi functional. It can be the flat mat on the floor, you can add the hanging toys, cover it to use as a tent, and fold up the flower petals in two different ways to keep the youngest infants in one place.

Multi-Sensory Teether Ball – This has the silicone nubs to chew on, makes great noises if you shake it, and the shapes and colors that little ones love. It can be used as a ball or a teether, making it a great toy to take along when you leave the house.

Minky Blanket 4-pack – These are so soft and would be absolutely perfect for any cold winter climate. You can never have enough blankets, and since these super soft ones are sure to be a favorite, having multiples is a win! Being able to rotate through these as they need washed is a parent’s dream, and you will be thanked for making life easier.

Never Touch a Polar Bear – This book series is definitely a favorite in our house! The textures are all done in silicone, which makes them easy to clean if needed. The colors are bright and fun and the rhyming words make the stories engaging for young listeners. The polar bear feels like a perfect fit for winter.

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Take A Long Toy – Having a good stock of these kinds of toys can be so helpful. If parents can stash them in every bag, vehicle, and coat pocket then they’re always prepared when baby needs a distraction. They also need to be washed often (because little ones drop everything on the floor), so trading in new ones is vital. Melissa and Doug is a trusted brand that never fails to offer something cute and innovative!

Melissa and Doug Taco Fill and Spill – Another Melissa and Doug find. This is truly a genius product! Little ones love to pull things out of a container and this is such a creative way to theme this activity. All of the pieces are a soft minky fabric or felt, and they’re super cute too.

Silicone Plates with Lids – The key feature of these plates is the lids. Just because I made dinner for my daughter didn’t mean that she wanted to eat it right then – being able to put a lid on the whole plate and stick it in the fridge would’ve been so convenient. I can see how these would also result in a lot less food waste, and they would definitely make it easier to take meals on the go too.

Skip Hop Follow Me Bee – This would be entertaining for any age infant – newborns can enjoy the sounds and colors, older non-mobile infants can watch it moving around and work on their visual tracking, and crawling infants can follow it and see if they can catch it.

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles – These might be marketed as bath toys, but they work great anytime! Baby can shake the items inside the bubble or roll them to a friend. They’re designed to be easy to hold, and since they are technically bath toys they’re really easy to clean.

I hope that these ideas will give you some inspiration as you start your holiday shopping, check back on Wednesday for Toddler ideas and Friday for Preschool ideas!

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