christmas break

  • Christmas clearance finds in the classroom

    Using Christmas Clearance Finds in the Classroom

    Christmas clearance sales are some of the best of the year – and they can really help you head into the rest of the winter with a good plan for your classroom! On Monday I shared a list of some of my favorite items to pick up for preschool while you’re shopping these sales. Today, let’s talk about some ways to use your Christmas clearance finds in the classroom. The sensory bin is a great place to start – fake snow with little animal figurines, cutting different kinds of ribbon, a bag of bows and little boxes – you get the idea. The great thing about Christmas clearance items is…

  • Christmas clearance for preschool

    Christmas Clearance for the Classroom

    I love a good sale – who doesn’t?! When it comes to after-Christmas clearance sales, there are so many things that can be used in the classroom. Check out some of the materials that I love to scoop up on Christmas clearance for preschool! Anything that doesn’t scream Christmas can be a great supply for the rest of the year. This includes: Ornaments can be repurposed as figurines for play areas and sensory bins. look for: There are so many different options for sensory play, like: After Christmas, there’s still the rest of the winter season – so anything that supports exploring snow and winter themes is fair game: I…

  • enjoying the holidays

    Finding Joy in the Holiday Busy-ness

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached that point in the holiday season where it’s hard to see past the busy. My to-do lists are taking over, so I’m really trying to pull back and remember what I love most about the Christmas season so that I can be intentional about adding a little more of that. It’s hard to make sure that you’re enjoying the holidays when you’re trying to do ALL THE THINGS. Speaking of all the things, I saw this as I was scrolling my Instagram feed the other day and it really stuck with me: That’s pretty profound – the idea of just stopping something…

  • Friday Freebie – Christmas notes

    Happy Friday! We’re almost there! Whether you get time off for the holidays or not, it’s still the home stretch for 2017.  Today’s freebie is a template for a sweet little note you can write to each of your students before the holiday.  They will so appreciate that you are thinking of each of them during this crazy time of the year! Download yours from Simply Kinder and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Countdown to Christmas!

    It’s December 1st so we can officially begin that countdown! Whether you countdown to Christmas, or winter break, it’s always fun to watch those days go by as you anticipate the holiday – or a little bit of time off! I was overwhelmed by the cute ideas that are out there so I had to share some of my favorites with you. I still can’t decide which one I like best, but I love that they are all simple to use and involve the children in the process.  This cute freebie is from Erin Wing, and it includes little positive notes and compliments for each day. This Santa Countdown is adorable,…

  • Almost there!

    I don’t know about you, but I am struggling to stay motivated! The closer that we get to Christmas, the less I want to do any actually work.  I’d be completely content to bake cookies and watch Christmas movies right about now, but I’ve got 8 more actual work days to get through, so I figured I’d share some holiday motivation with all of you, just in case you need it too! Here are a few quotes that are keeping me going while giving me perspective and helping my sense of humor! Paperblog Bring Joy Palettes and Passports Someecards Cooke Family Blog The best thing about being so close to…

  • Printable Teacher Thank You Cards

    I’m hoping that what I have to share with you today will be super helpful.  Tis the season to receive gifts from your students, and being the great, amazing, wonderful teacher that you are, I know that you write a thank you note for every single one of those gifts – or you intend to… I have some free printable thank you cards that will make your life just a little easier, simply because you can print as many as you need, when you need them.  Download the freebie, choose the design that you want to print, print as many as you need, cut them apart (2 fit on a…

  • I’m a teacher – even during Christmas Break!

    Each year I am grateful for the weeklong break after Christmas, and as most teachers will tell you, it is nearly impossible to go for the entire week without working on school work in some way, shape, or form. This year I am taking full advantage of the brand new Cricut that my little sister got for Christmas and the two of us teachers have planned a full day of classroom crafts. Here is what I will be working on – I promise to post what I am able to finish! (all ideas are linked on my Pinterest Preschool Board)