valentine's day

  • Day in the Life

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day with me!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I thought I’d try something a little different today and give you a full picture of what my day looks like. Here’s how I’m celebrating the holiday all day long: We started the morning early because my girl was EXCITED. She’s old enough to remember past Valentine’s day celebrations and she knows that I always have some special gifts for her, and once she woke up there was no holding her back! We use these felt heart envelopes for Valentine gifts – ours are a few years old from the Target Dollar spot, but these are similar and available on Amazon (affiliate link). I love having this…

  • Teacher Valentine

    Valentine Teacher Gift

    I’m so loving what I’ve put together for teacher gifts this year – definitely regretting not buying a set for myself! I’ve linked the items that I included below (all are affiliate links). The standout item in this little collection is the chocolate bar notebook. The feature that makes this so special is that it’s chocolate scented and it smells AMAZING! It also has a flexible cover that is a lot of fun. I made some stickers using my Box of Chocolates Valentine clipart, which are always a fun and easy addition. I use my Cricut’s print and cut feature to do this. A fancy pen is a great gift…

  • Valentine Party Themes

    You know I love a good theme party, it can really help focus the event and narrow all of the ideas to pull things together. If you’re looking for a little more direction for your Valentine’s Day celebrations, then here are some ideas to work with!

  • Classroom Valentine Boxes

    EASY Preschool Valentine Boxes

    Over the years I’ve tried ALL of the different ways to make valentine boxes in the classroom – from the brown paper bag to over the top crafty cut-outs. There are pros and cons to all of these, so let’s talk through those as we work towards the absolute easiest option if you’re making preschool valentine boxes in the classroom. First, I like to use this as a class activity because families are busy! They don’t always have the time or supplies that they might need, and if I put out supplies for all of the children then they start with a level playing field. Making Valentine boxes also meets…

  • Teacher Valentine's day

    Valentine’s Day Must Haves!

    My love for holidays runs DEEP and when it comes to Valentine’s Day I have no problem talking myself into cute “must haves” because hearts work all year round! These are the things that I’ve been drooling over lately – just in case you need a little inspiration (all are affiliate links). Heart Zip Pouch – I never have enough little pouches, I swear they just disappear. This one is absolutely adorable, and would be perfect for tossing in the little heart caddy that’s coming up lower on the list. I also love that this is waterproof and wipe-able! Heart Pendant Necklace – This is exactly the kind of necklace…

  • preschool february

    February Month of Preschool Activities

    I shared the list of everything included in my January Month of Preschool set a couple of weeks ago and wanted to make sure that I did the same with the February set so that you can make next month’s prep a little easier on yourself! Here’s EVERYTHING that’s included in the February Month of Preschool set: Wow! There are so many materials in this set! At 290 pages, these activities should keep your class busy, and learning a ton during the month of February. You can purchase the set here, and learn more about each monthly set (and the 12 month bundle) here.

  • Valentine planner stickers

    DIY Planner Stickers

    I’m back with another video today! I started making my own clipart a couple of years ago specifically because I was struggling to find the kinds of stickers that I wanted for my planner – and that’s how I work, if I can’t find it then I make it myself! It took some trial and error to figure out, so I wanted to share how I do it so that you don’t have to work through the same challenges. The video that I’m sharing today walks through how I add images to Cricut design space and format these, cut them, and use them in my planner. It showcases my latest…

  • valentine activities

    Valentine’s Day Language Activities

    Valentine’s Day has a special place in my heart (see what I did there). January can be a long, dreary month and having something fun to look forward to can really change the mood. If you’re like me – looking forward to a holiday that’s all about warmth and love – and you’re planning what this will look like in your classroom, then I have some materials that might be just what you need! Here’s my Valentine writing center: I want children to get excited about using these materials, and I do that by making them inviting – adding decorations, related textiles, and touches that create a homey and comforting…

  • valentine math center

    Printable Valentine’s Day Math Activities

    I’m back with some more Valentine’s day ideas! Math centers can be tricky because we want children to enjoy the activities and WANT to do them, while also being able to use the materials independently. Here’s what’s in my Valentine’s Day math center: It doesn’t get more exciting than chocolate! This game is one that your students will definitely want to play – although you might have to monitor the game pieces or they’ll disappear. To play, children pick a candy and match the number on the bottom to the number on their mat. It can be done individually or you can print two sets and have a partner game. The…

  • Preschool holiday celebrations

    Processing a holiday before moving on to the next one

    The month of February might have the fewest days, but it packs in all of the holidays – Groundhog day, Valentine’s day, President’s day, and Mardi Gras. If you look at March and April you’re often adding St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Earth day too. It’s a lot to explore over a fairly short amount of time. We usually think of the time between Halloween and Christmas as the “holiday season,” but October, November, and December don’t have nearly as many holidays squeezed into them as the spring months do! This can make late winter and early spring pass pretty quickly, but it can also be really overwhelming, especially for…