Ribbon scrunchie DIY
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DIY School Spirit Scrunchies

Ribbon scrunchie DIY

I was looking for a quick and easy little gift for all of the girls in my life who are enjoying “mini cheerleader season.” You know, where schools raise money by getting all of the elementary school parents to come to high school football games by giving their daughters the opportunity to look cute on the field for five minutes. Every cheerleader needs a scrunchie, so I scooped up some Dollar Tree ribbon in school colors and busted out an old-school craft. Enter the ribbon scrunchie.

I made these so many times as a kid – we had scrunchies for every possible holiday and event. It’s only fair that my daughter and her friends have them too. These are so simple to make, they’re the perfect craft to do while binging tv shows at night. All you need is ribbons and some hair ties. Simply cut the ribbon into 4 inch strips and tie these around the hair tie until you’ve covered the entire hair tie in ribbon knots. That’s it!

These would be excellent items for a fundraiser and they make perfect little gifts. How will you use them???

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