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Halloween Movement Ideas

 It’s that time of year – Halloween classroom party time! I always loved these days, but I fully understand why some teachers don’t. The kids are already amped up, and then we give them sugar and take away the routine, what are we thinking?!

Movement activities can be lifesavers for all of that pent up energy, so I thought I’d gather some excellent ones in one spot to save you a little sanity.  Here are some options that’ll fit your party theme and get those wiggles out!

Danny Go is always my daughter’s first pick, this is just one of his Halloween offerings:

You can’t go wrong with GoNoodle, and this freeze dance is too cute!

When you really need the kids to MOVE try this exercise dance from Miss Linky:

What kid doesn’t love Koo Koo Kanga Roo??? They’ve got a fun Monster Moves dance that’ll have everyone dancing and laughing.

If the goal is to calm things down a bit, then Cosmic Kids yoga has your back – here’s a story with yoga poses to help everyone chill:

Whether you love party days or do your best to avoid them, I hope these will help your day run a little more smoothly. Happy Halloween!

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