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Something new and fun!

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you probably have an idea of my love for organization – it’s not a secret! One way that I’ve really been leaning into this is through my planner. I’m a hardcore fan of an old-fashioned paper calendar, and mine have become beautiful scrapbooks over the years. To say that I’m obsessed with planner stickers is an understatement.  Over the last few months I’ve been designing my own clipart and using it to create planner stickers. Not only do I get to release some creative energy, but I get the satisfaction of having exactly the kind of stickers that I want to use (it’s a very Type A thing). 

Since I’ve got a good collection of these now, I’ve been adding them to a new Etsy store! Right now I’m making the digital files available, and soon I’m planning to add stickers for purchase too. Here’s my Halloween collection:

I’ve also got some for Thanksgiving and fall baking:

I’d love if you check my ENH Creative store out and share any feedback!

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