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  • hot chocolate party printable

    Easy Christmas Hot Chocolate Party

    Hosting holiday parties is one of my favorite things – mostly because I LOVE decorating! When a teacher friend asked me to create some cute tags for her classroom hot chocolate party I couldn’t help myself, I made an entire matching set. Now I get to share it with you! The holidays are busy enough, being able to have a fun, easy party, where you get to just be present and enjoy your students is kind of a dream. This set will help you achieve it though. Take a look at all of the amazing things included in this holiday hot chocolate party printable set. Decorations set the tone, and…

  • DIY Christmas Cookie Plates

    I always strive to create gifts for parents that are going to be both meaningful and useful.  One of my all-time favorites was the year that my students made plates for their cookies for Santa.  I found 65 cent plates at our local glass factory outlet and we decorated them with special ceramic paints.  Here are some ideas for your own Christmas Cookie plates: Sharpie Cookie Plates Handprint Cookie Plates Snowman Plates Dear Santa Plate How many cookie plates for Santa does one family need, because I’m feeling crafty!

  • Family Engagement – Cookie Night

    It’s not the holiday season without cookies – no matter which winter holiday your family celebrates, there is likely a traditional favorite cookie (or sweet pastry) for it.  A great way to explore cultures and family traditions is to invite all of your families for a cookie night.  Ask each family to bring a tray of cookies to share with everyone, along with a card describing why these are a family favorite.  Gather copies of some of the following books that parents can read to their children as they enjoy sweet treats (links are affiliates): Christmas Cookies Gingerbread Baby A Cookie for Santa For more great ideas for cookie night,…

  • Friday Freebie – Cookie Patterning

    Happy Friday! We’ve almost made it to the holidays, and let me tell you, I am ready for a break! I had to share this Cookie Patterning freebie from Stuff from Steff because I’m pretty sure it was the first thing that I ever downloaded from TPT. I still use it every year, so I can attest to how wonderful it is, and how much my students love it! Go download your and enjoy your weekend!

  • Friday Freebie – Christmas Cookie Counting

    Happy Friday! I must have Christmas cookies on the brain, last week I shared a freebie and activities from the holiday cookie party I threw for my kiddos last year.  This week I have a counting activity that you can add to your Christmas cookie theme. With this Christmas Cookie Counting freebie children count the correct number of cookies onto the plate. There are two sets of plates, one with dots that correspond to the number to help children count correctly, and one set without the dots to challenge counters with higher level skills. The freebie includes numbers 1-5, if you want more practice, I’ve included the numbers 1-10 in…

  • Friday Freebie – Holiday Cookie Party

    Happy Black Friday! That’s right, Thanksgiving is officially over, so bring on the Christmas craziness! I wanted to share one of my favorite freebie from last year with you, so that you can use it to start planning your holiday celebrations.  Last year I hosted a cookie party for my students, I made these signs to go with the activity stations.  Download a set of the signs for yourself, and then take a minute to check out these posts all about the party; Cookie Party InspirationFoam Cookies for Dramatic PlayHoliday Cookie Party Recap

  • Holiday Cookie Party Recap

    Before officially finishing up at school before the holidays, we had a great big holiday cookie party.  I shared my plans in this post, but I also promised to share photos from the party, so here they are! For table activities we had cookie patterning, a freebie that I downloaded from Stuff from Steff. I also made gingerbread play dough, and set out cookie cutters and rolling pins to encourage gingerbread cookie making!   The last of my table activities was my gingerbread lacing cookies (find out how to make these here). While some of the kiddos were doing table activities, others were baking up a storm in the cookie shop…