• preschool st. patrick's day

    St. Patrick’s Day Math and Science

    St. Patrick’s day is such a fun holiday to celebrate in the classroom because there are some very different opportunities for exploration than we see with other holidays. Because of this, I’ve included some science activities – which means that this is a math and science center for Preschool St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s take a look at some of these materials. Shamrock Observations – This set is designed to help children focus on small details, which is perfect when it comes to shamrocks and finding that elusive 4-leaf clover. There are images of a variety of different shamrocks, and then zoomed in images of the same shamrocks so that children…

  • Numbers for preschool math centers

    Seasonal Numbers for Math Activities

    When I pulled out my valentine materials I remembered how much I love using the large number sets! I also realized that I only have a set for Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s day – it was definitely time to change that. One of the things that makes these so valuable is that they can be used so many different ways by children learning a variety of different skills. Take a look at the valentine set: Each number has a corresponding number of hearts on it. These can be counted and covered by small objects or clothespins to build one to one correspondence and cardinality. Each number also has a…

  • valentine math center

    Valentine’s Day Math Center Activities

    I’m back with some more Valentine’s day ideas! Math centers can be tricky because we want children to enjoy the activities and WANT to do them, while also being able to use the materials independently. Here’s what’s in my Valentine’s Day math center: It doesn’t get more exciting than chocolate! This game is one that your students will definitely want to play – although you might have to monitor the game pieces or they’ll disappear. To play, children pick a candy and match the number on the bottom to the number on their mat. It can be done individually or you can print two sets and have a partner game.…

  • Friday Freebie – Pie Dice Games

    Happy Friday! Can you believe that it’s nearly the middle of November?! I have obviously had one thing on my mind this week – pie! The closer we get to Thanksgiving, the more I think about desserts.  Today’s freebie is perfect for your Thanksgiving math centers – these pie dice games are adorable! Go download yours from Lodrew and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Monster Bingo

    Did you see the cute Monster Math Number Cards that I shared yesterday?! Well I made something else to go with them.  I love bingo because it is super easy to teach even the youngest children how to play.  With picture bingo all the children have to do is match the picture card that you hold up to a picture on their bingo card.  This cute Monster Bingo set includes 5 different bingo cards and all of the picture cards that you will need in order to call the game.  Your students can play this game independently as a center activity, or you can use it for a small group…

  • Monster Math

    It’s been a while but I’ve finally created something new and I can’t wait to share it with you!!! This number set is perfect for Halloween because it features some friendly little monsters, but I love these graphics because they can also be used year-round.  The Monster Math Number Card set includes 6 different types of number cards: There are so many ways that you can use these cards, the possibilities are endless and every single student will feel successful.  Choose the matching cards that challenge your students or make up your own games to meet their needs.  I can’t wait to use these, I hope that you love them…

  • Friday Freebie – Yarn Keepsake

    Happy Friday! I swear that the farther away from summer we get, the longer the weeks feel.  Thankfully, it’s Friday! Today’s freebie is the perfect ending to all of the yarn activities that I shared this week.  This cute keepsake poem is meant to be shared with a string that is as tall as the child at the beginning of the year, and another piece of string that is as tall as the child at the end of the year. Families will love this little momento and it’s a great way to practice measurement. Download your copy from Kidpeople Classroom and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Activities to do with yarn – math

    If there is one thing that is universal for every single preschool program it’s that you never seem to have enough materials for all of the activities that you want to do with the children. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at creating fun experiences with very few supplies.  I thought it would be fun to focus on one simple supply and share a ton of easy activities that you can do to meet different learning domains. This week is going to be all about things you can do with yarn. When it comes to math, the simplest activities often make the biggest impact. There are so many ways…

  • Friday Freebie – Beach Counting

    Happy Friday! I hope that you are enjoying these summer weeks, I still haven’t figured out why they seem to fly by so much faster than the rest of the weeks during the year. Today’s freebie is perfect for summer, or for your beach theme.  These play dough counting mats from Over the MoonBow encourage children to practice math skills while being creative.  Go download your set and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Friday Freebie – Number Puzzles

    Happy Friday! Aren’t holiday weeks the best?! They go by so fast and then it’s the weekend again. I love these number sequencing puzzles, and this summer set from Klever Kiddos could not be cuter! These are great practice and can be used to focus on the number sequencing, or putting the picture together in the correct order. Go download your set and have a wonderful weekend!