Numbers for preschool math centers
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Seasonal Numbers for Math Activities

numbers for preschool math centers

When I pulled out my valentine materials I remembered how much I love using the large number sets! I also realized that I only have a set for Valentine’s day and St. Patrick’s day – it was definitely time to change that.

One of the things that makes these so valuable is that they can be used so many different ways by children learning a variety of different skills. Take a look at the valentine set:

valentine math center numbers

Each number has a corresponding number of hearts on it. These can be counted and covered by small objects or clothespins to build one to one correspondence and cardinality. Each number also has a matching 10 frame so that children can practice recognizing numbers in different formats.

As I’ve been creating more of these numbers it became clear that adding symbols for different operations would extend these sets even further – so now there are also matching math symbols so that these can be used to build equations!

math center operations symbols

Look for new sets to be added for each of the themes that I have in my TPT store – at the moment, these are the ones that I currently have available:

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