Amazon Idea Lists for the Classroom
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Using Amazon Idea Lists for the Classroom

Amazon idea lists for the classroom

It’s safe to say that online shopping is one of my favorite past times – I’m sure that says A LOT about me! There’s a tool that I’ve been using recently to help organize my wish lists and favorite purchases and it can be used in so many different ways. I’ve got to share what I’ve been doing with Amazon Idea Lists for the classroom.

An idea list is an excellent place to keep all of those items that you’re thinking about, looking for, or really loving. These lists are easy to share with others so that you can collaborate. This makes planning classroom or school events something that can be done by more than one person seamlessly.

Another way to use idea lists is to create a list of items that you always need for the classroom – everything from markers to construction paper, and even tissues. Then it can be shared with families often and they can donate these items as they have the opportunity.

If your school has a parent organization this can be an effective way for them to plan events and get staff input on the types of items that would be the most effective or appropriate. It can also be a great way to build classroom libraries. The best part is that families don’t have to purchase any of these items from Amazon – if they already have them at home, or can find them cheaper elsewhere, then those are welcome donations too. The idea list is just an easy way to share what you’re looking for!

Here are a couple of the lists that I’ve made recently to help all of you connect with my favorite items (click on the image to see the full list):

These are not only helpful, but they’re truly so fun to make – searching for all of these items is so satisfying! Maybe I should’ve been a personal shopper…

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