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St. Patrick’s day tricks for the classroom

Part of the fun of St. Patrick’s day is the leprechaun mischief. Those leprechauns are quick, tricky little things, which is exactly what makes them so much fun.  There are plenty of little tricks that you can play on your students to make the week just a little sillier.  Here are some ideas; 
  • Mess up your room
  • Leave a path of tiny green footprints (stickers or vinyl cut outs are perfect!)
  • Hide rainbows or little piles of glitter throughout the classroom
  • Use food coloring to turn liquids, like milk, green
  • Put green kool-aid in faucets so the water comes out green
  • Drape green crepe paper streamers across the room
  • Make a trail of Lucky Charms cereal that children have to follow to find a surprise
  • Put classroom supplies in unusual places
  • Swap cubbies or coat hook labels
  • Put all of your chairs in storage for the day
Have you tried anything else and blamed it on the leprechauns? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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