aesthetically beautiful classroom
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Aesthetic Classroom Ideas

aesthetically beautiful classroom

I’m back with more ideas for your Amazon Big Deal Days! Today I’m focusing on the pieces that make a classroom feel like home – and let’s be real, we all spend as much time there (if not more) than we do at home. I firmly believe that a classroom should be both aesthetically pleasing AND functional. In my world that means well organized and super easy to use. Here are my pics for making an aesthetically beautiful classroom! (all links are affiliates, your support is TRULY appreciated!)

I stumbled across this poster and it immediately become my favorite thing. It absolutely deserves a space of honor in any classroom – can you imagine being a child and knowing that this was setting the tone for your learning everyday?

Books should be displayed in a way that celebrates them, while also making them easy to use – because some classroom bookshelves are just not easy to use. These acrylic floating bookshelves do exactly that. I also love that you get to pick where you want to hang them, so you can put them as low to the ground as your little ones need.

There are never enough bins! These plastic woven-look containers are cute, easy to clean, a good size for classroom materials AND they have lids.

Magnetic poster frames make so much sense for the classroom. I love to hang children’s work in a way that makes it truly feel like celebrated art. These are really easy to use, and they can handle work that is oddly shaped or slightly three dimensional.

When it comes to making the classroom feel homey, the decor is key. I like to keep things a little whimsical and childlike too, so this pompom garland is a perfect fit.

I use trays for so many different things (probably a holdover from my very first teaching experience in a Montessori classroom). This nested tray set is excellent because they come in so many sizes and the natural wood is a great neutral, so the items you place on the tray become the focus.

More bins of course! These mini bins are excellent for art supplies and writing utensils, math manipulatives, and seasonal items. The acacia wood bowls can be used for all of the same things too!

While we’re talking bins, you can’t go wrong with a very large one. This natural woven basket lends itself well to bulky items and things that you want to hide a bit – like dress up clothes. If you like the natural look but want a smaller option, the leather handles on this shallow version are such a great detail.

These little storage jars are perfect for small items (crayons, beads, google eyes, etc.) and they make the art space look so elevated. They’re acrylic too, so you don’t have to worry about glass breaking AND they have lids. Speaking of small storage, silicone baking cups are my favorite! They look cute, and they’re easy to clean so they can be used in a sensory bin, to hold paint, or even fragile science items like seashells. Another great plus is that they come in so many colors that they can easily be used with holiday or seasonal items.

I hope you’re getting some great ideas for Amazon Big Deal Days! Go back and revisit the classroom supplies that I shared yesterday as you’re making your list, and keep checking in for more ideas this week!

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