Best Preschool Products 2023
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Best Preschool Products 2023

Best Preschool Products 2023

Have you heard?! Amazon is hosting their “Big Deal Days” next week. I am pumped to take full advantage of these to really refresh just about every aspect of my life. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning out my spaces lately, now it’s time to replace what I’ve gotten rid of. One way to do this in the classroom is with new supplies. Let’s face it, toys and supplies get old and start looking a little sad after a while. Here are my picks for the best preschool supplies right now so that you can refresh your offerings a bit! (all links are affiliates, your support is TRULY appreciated!)

The Melissa and Doug S’more Campfire set is the dramatic play toy of my dreams. Camping is one of my favorite units, but there just isn’t a way to do the campfire experience safely – until now! Everything in this set looks so realistic, and I know that the Melissa and Doug name means quality.

There are so many different options for toy cars, this Joyin set is at the top of my list because it offers so many different options. It has the usual fire truck, police car, and taxi, but it also includes a TV news truck, a produce delivery truck, and a recycle truck. These are the perfect size for little hands and would be a great addition to any block set.

Speaking of cars, Oh. My. Goodness. Magnatiles offers road blocks! These are sure to be a huge hit, and they would work really well with the Joyin car set. Magnatiles also has car bases that children can build on top of. Truly, Magnatiles are the one single toy that was always played with the most in my classroom. Every child loves them and they are so worth the investment because the quality cannot be matched.

I’m a hard-core Crayola loyalist, especially when it comes to markers. A class pack is the best option because I can hoard some for my own teacher use, while still having more than enough for the children to share and to replace as they dry out. The value is incredible too – it works out to roughly $0.25 per marker.

Kwik Stix tempera paint sticks are one of those art products that make teachers lives easier (way less mess, virtually no prep or cleanup), while also still being something that children want to use. These really give children the opportunity to build independence in art that just isn’t possible with liquid paints in the classroom.

Oh goodness I just love a bingo marker. This class pack comes with a book of dot marker activities that can be copied and used in the classroom – making lesson planning even easier!

I’m a self proclaimed block snob. There are reasons to be picky! Can I tell you a secret? I hate wooden blocks. Is that sacrilegious? Seriously though, wooden blocks are heavy – I can’t tell you how many pinched fingers or smashed toes I’ve dealt with from these, and it always happens during clean up time (which is chaotic enough on it’s own). My solution is the foam, wooden-look Edushape blocks. They’re so light that I don’t have to flinch if (when) they get thrown or dropped, but they still look so nice!

These soft dolls are the perfect addition to any classroom. They’re multicultural and great for snuggling with. They’re versatile too – easily fitting into the dramatic play space, reading area, or sensory/social emotional corner for different uses.

Tender Leaf Toys is a new-to-me brand and I can’t get enough. Their dollhouse furniture is so detailed, and this greenhouse set is absolutely gorgeous, just the kind of thing that children can’t resist! I’ve also seen so many creepy dollhouse people over the years, but the family sets from Tender Leaf don’t fall into that category. They’re so cute, with great little faces and hair-do’s and adorable outfits.

Since Big Deal Days are coming up next week, I’ve got so much in store to help you prep this week! Check back for 3 more days of ideas – Aesthetic Classroom Inspiration, Favorite Teaching Supplies, and the Best Parenting Products – and I’ll round it all up for you on Friday.

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