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  • Teacher summer gift

    Teacher Appreciation Gifts on Amazon 2024

    It’s teacher appreciation week! If you need a last minute gift, I’ve got you covered. All of these are available on Amazon and can definitely be mixed and matched for an excellent gift. Any of these would also be excellent for Mother’s day if you’re trying to get all of your shopping done at once! All links below are affiliates. Cocktail travel tin set – This is pure fun and just screams summer. The great thing about this set is that is can be used to create a great cocktail OR mocktail, so it truly is appropriate for anyone. Turkish towel – These are my favorite! They’re easy to pack…

  • Teacher Valentine's day

    Valentine’s Day Must Haves!

    My love for holidays runs DEEP and when it comes to Valentine’s Day I have no problem talking myself into cute “must haves” because hearts work all year round! These are the things that I’ve been drooling over lately – just in case you need a little inspiration (all are affiliate links). Heart Zip Pouch – I never have enough little pouches, I swear they just disappear. This one is absolutely adorable, and would be perfect for tossing in the little heart caddy that’s coming up lower on the list. I also love that this is waterproof and wipe-able! Heart Pendant Necklace – This is exactly the kind of necklace…

  • Teacher gift ideas

    Best Gifts for Teachers 2023

    I’ve got one more gift guide for you this week! When it comes to putting these together, the teacher gift guide is always the most challenging. What you choose to give your child’s teacher has a lot to do with your relationship with them – which can mean that there are a ton of different variables at play. I also find it really important to share ideas that don’t look like every other list on the internet (do you know how many teacher gift lists there are that list gift cards, scented candles, and hand soap???? – Too many). Here are the items that the teachers I know would absolutely…

  • Best Amazon Teaching Products

    Preschool Teacher Products 2023

    I’m giving you even more ideas for your Amazon Big Deal Days wishlists today! Over the years I’ve narrowed down my absolute favorite products that I, as the teacher, NEED to have. Here’s my list: (all links are affiliates, your support is TRULY appreciated!) I use these zip pouches for literally everything. They are one of my all-time-favorite Amazon purchases. This size can fit a whole notebook or legal pad, so I can easily keep all of my notes, projects, and copies organized. I’m obsessed with my Bogg Bag and this leopard print one is definitely on my wishlist. I love the structure of this bag, and that it can…

  • preschool teacher back to school

    How I prepare for back to school

    The majority of my time in the classroom has been with year-round programs, so back to school season has always been more of a mindset than an actual period of time. In my experience, shifting from summer to “back to school” involves a lot of emphasis on routines (see Monday’s post!), classroom environment, and welcoming new families. Here are some of the things that I do to transition my mindset and refocus for the school year: What helps you get in the back to school mindset?

  • Friday Freebie – Teacher Appreciation

    Happy Friday! It’s not too late to recognize the teachers that you work with for Teacher Appreciation Week.  If you’re still looking for a quick idea, this fun printable from Briana Beverly is perfect. These Teacher coupons are both cute and hilarious, and are sure to be a gift that no one will forget! Go download yours (even if you just want to save them for next year) and have a wonderful weekend!

  • My Preschool Memories

    Teacher appreciation week seems like the perfect time to share what I actually remember from my own preschool experience. First off, I remember both of my preschool teachers and I remember how much I loved them! The rest of my memories are very random – which makes sense as they were probably the things that were most important to 3 and 4 year old me.  I remember that one of my teachers loved turtles and she had a turtle puppet that she would use to tell us stories. I remember that when there were thunderstorms, one of my teachers would tell us that God was dropping things (it was a…

  • Quick Teacher Appreciation Gifts

    For the first time ever I get to share what I put together for my daughter’s teachers.  How cute are these?! For the bouquets, my little one did some finger painting and then I cut the paintings into hearts using my Cricut.  I attached all of the hearts into the flower shape using glue dots, and then I stuck them on a green straw.   The books are copies of the Classroom Recipe Book that I put together when I was teaching toddlers. I was constantly looking u the same recipes on my phone and I was sick of searching for them over and over, so I complied them all into…

  • Friday Freebie – Teacher Appreciation Collaborative Project

    Happy Friday! I hope that you have had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week, and that you’ve received the recognition that you deserve – or at the very least that you took some time to treat yourself! Today’s freebie is a great project that you can file away for next year’s celebration.  This Teacher Appreciation Week Puzzle from Teaching in the Tongass encourages each child to think about what they love about their teachers, while working together to create a beautiful mural that the entire school can enjoy.  Go download a copy and have a wonderful weekend!

  • Quick, Easy Teacher Gift

    Do you still need a quick gift for a teacher in your life? Whether you’re looking for a great idea for a co-worker, or your own child’s teacher, I’ve got you covered. I just made these brand new watercolor note cards, and they’re editable so you can add your favorite teacher’s name in a fun font for an easy personalized gift. If you want to add a little more, tie the note cards in a ribbon and slip in a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card for a treat that any teacher is sure to appreciate (and actually use!).