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Quick Teacher Appreciation Gifts

For the first time ever I get to share what I put together for my daughter’s teachers.  How cute are these?!

For the bouquets, my little one did some finger painting and then I cut the paintings into hearts using my Cricut.  I attached all of the hearts into the flower shape using glue dots, and then I stuck them on a green straw.  
The books are copies of the Classroom Recipe Book that I put together when I was teaching toddlers. I was constantly looking u the same recipes on my phone and I was sick of searching for them over and over, so I complied them all into a book. I know that these will get a ton of use and that my girl’s teachers will absolutely love them!

I had a bunch of extra hearts when I was done putting the bouquets together, so I made a few more flowers, we’re going to give those to Grandma’s on Mother’s day, so this is a perfect multi-purpose gift idea!

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