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My Preschool Memories

Teacher appreciation week seems like the perfect time to share what I actually remember from my own preschool experience. First off, I remember both of my preschool teachers and I remember how much I loved them!

The rest of my memories are very random – which makes sense as they were probably the things that were most important to 3 and 4 year old me. 

  • I remember that one of my teachers loved turtles and she had a turtle puppet that she would use to tell us stories.
  • I remember that when there were thunderstorms, one of my teachers would tell us that God was dropping things (it was a religious-affiliated preschool), and then we would make a game of coming up with all of the different things that her could be dropping whenever we heard thunder. 
  • I remember the blanket and pillow that I used for nap time – my mom made them (they were a matching set, of course) and I still have the pillow.
  • Our playground was full of things that would never pass inspections today, but they were so fun. The thing that stick out to me the most was an A-frame wooden structure that had old tires over it for climbing. I never wanted to climb it because it was too high, but I had all kinds of adventures playing underneath it.
  • I distinctly remember tearing off most of my big toe-nail during an outdoor squirt gun fight, which is probably why I’ve got this thing about little kids and closed-toe shoes. 
  • If we tried everything on our plate during lunch time we got a stamp on hand when lunch was over. I loved that stamp but I hated beans and weenies day. 
I’m honestly pretty impressed with just how much I do remember and I can only hope that the children I taught as preschoolers will remember some things about our time together too. What are some of your personal preschool memories?

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