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It’s cold outside!

It has finally gotten cold and snowy in our neck of the woods, which means no more outdoor play time and planning lots of extra activities to keep our energetic kiddos busy. Here are a couple o the things that we have been working on:

Masking tape resist snowflakes: simply use making tape to make snowflake shapes on a piece of white paper, then let the children paint over the tape. We used different shades of blue paint with a little extra sparkle, but silver or gray would be pretty too! When the pint has dried you can peel the tape off and you have white snowflakes.

Name snowmen: this one has a little more teacher prep, but once we cut out a bunch of white circles, the children were able to complete the rest of the activity independently (with a little letter-writing assistance). Start with one circle and have each child make a snowman face. The. They get one circle for each letter of their name. Glue all of the letter circles to the face circle and you have an adorable snowman that helped with letter-writing skills. We hung all of ours on the wall together so that they can watch us work!

Writing weather words: we usually have the children practice writing specific words in their journals, not so much for the spelling practice, that’s still a little beyond them, but more for the letter formation and word recognition practice. This time I really wanted something that we could hang on the wall for everyone to see, because their writing skills blow me away! I wrote the word snow at the top of a piece of chart paper and the kids all tried their best to write the word as well. I love to show them off, they are 4 year olds and they are amazing!

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