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What’s in my writing center

While there are no shortage of preschool lessons and activities on Pinterest (Follow me!), sometimes it is harder to find great activities that can stand alone in a center.  I thought I’d start a new feature where I shared what is in each of my classroom centers.  I rotate the materials in each center every two weeks, so these change constantly!

Here is what I have out in my writing center at the moment:

Lowercase letter shape match-up. This is a simple activity that is easily differentiated.  Children who are struggling with their lower case letters simply match up the shapes of the magnet letters with the outlines on the paper – like a puzzle.  Children who have mastered recognizing each letter can make the letter sound as they match each letter to its’ outline.  This is also super easy to make, just trace your magnet letters on a large sheet of paper and laminate for durability.

St. Patrick’s Day vocabulary cards. St. Patrick’s Day was on Monday, and my students are still talking about their experiences trying to catch a Leprechaun.  These cards are great because not only do they help children practice new vocabulary, associating the word with a picture, but they also encourage the children to look at the way the word is spelled. My students love to get out blank paper and write all of these words themselves.  This set also comes with a set of cards that has only the pictures, so the children could make their own set if they want.
St. Patrick’s day letter tracing.  These letter tracing sheets are part of the Pre-K Packs from Over the Big Moon. I try to always have some kind of tracing available in my writing center. Even though I don’t love work sheets, my students enjoy these because they feel like “big kid homework”.  And they love anything that you could possibly do with a dry erase marker!
CVC Word Family mats. My students are just getting to the point where they are able to read these CVC words all by themselves.  THey love these mats because they can easily change out the first letter and create a whole new word.  We started with the -at family, but I am planning on putting out the rest of the short a families next week because they are so good at it.  This is honestly one of my favorite things about teaching. I love to see my students start reading because they get so excited about it!

These are the items that are always available in the writing center – A variety of pencils with a variety of grippers, name cards, fun pens (they would rather use these than pencils, and I’m all for anything that makes writing fun), and crayons.  Of course, I always have paper available too, but I didn’t think you needed to see a picture of that.

It doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider that I also have daily language arts lessons, and I switch it all often, my students get a lot of experience, with a lot of materials, over a long period of time. Hopefully my ideas will help inspire something new in your own writing center!

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