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What’s in my writing center

I took a couple of weeks off from sharing my writing center, my students were really into my Easter options, so they stayed out for a little longer than I would typically keep them.  If the children are choosing writing activities, I’m not putting those activities away!

Here’s what I put out for this week:

CVC Word eggs: Taking the hint from my kiddos, I found an activity that would continue the Easter fun without actually being Easter-themed.  These are so easy to make.  I chose a different color egg for each vowel/word family.  On one side of the egg I wrote the word families, and on the other side of the egg I wrote letters that work with most, if not all of the word families. The children can rotate the halves of the egg to create different words. 
Environmental print cards: I borrowed these from one of the other teachers in my building because my kids loved them so much when she had them out.  These cards let all of my students be successful readers, because they recognize every single one. I added strips of paper and markers to the basket so that my students can write the familiar words as they identify them. 
B.O.B Books and Sentences: These are also incredibly easy to make. I pulled out the first three BOB Books and typed up the sentences from each page. I printed them and cut each sentence out.  Now my students can grab a bag that contains the book and each sentence. As they read the book they can find the sentence that matches the one they just read.  In Lieu of Preschool also has amazing free printables to go along with each of the BOB Books sets. 
Short u word family mats: These are from my CVC Word Family Mats, I’ve been switching them out by groups of vowel sounds and I plan on continuously rotating them so that my kids can keep practicing, but they won’t get bored. They know that this is an activity I will sit down and do with them, so they love to pull it out for some one on one time. 
Most of these activities are more reading than writing, but I really believe that these skills go together, I’m a whole language person for sure! Our dramatic play area is also currently set up like a post office – keep watching the blog because I’m planning a post on this – so my kiddos are putting in a ton of writing time that they think is pretend play, I love it!

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