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Friday Freebie

Happy Friday! I am so glad that this week is over, it was complete chaos.  While my weekend won’t exactly be relaxing, I am looking forward to celebrating a few milestones – My future SIL’s bachelorette party, and my nephew’s first birthday, not to mention my husband’s 27th birthday (which was technically last weekend, but has yet to be fully celebrated).  I may actually be looking forward to next week, when things will calm down and get back to normal!

I am seriously excited about this week’s freebie.  I fully agree with the idea that the classroom environment plays a vital role in the learning process.  I also firmly believe that the classroom should be fluid – ever changing to meet the needs of students, and to continuously engage them in learning.  When the classroom stays the same – same furniture, same design, same materials, all year long, then the learning process begins to feel a little stagnant.  This set of Science Lab Design Worksheets from Teaching Preschoolers has my name all over it.  I began my collegiate career studying interior design, it’s still a passion of mine, and I LOVE to arrange classroom spaces.

This set includes graph sheets so that you can layout all of the furniture and large design elements, along with a checklist to help you make sure that you’ve included all of the components that should be available in the space. My favorite feature are the pages for recording your before pictures and inspiration photos, along with additional notes.  This set would have been so helpful when I was serving as a mentor teacher.  I can arrange furniture in my head, it all seems to logically fit into the space, but I know that isn’t a skill that everyone possesses, which is where this great FREE product comes into play.  Please take advantage of this amazing idea, I know I’ll definitely be using it! You can download it here.

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