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Documentation Display Ideas

Documentation panels are great for so many different purposes, but it can be really difficult to find enough space to display all of them and your students’ artwork, especially when you don’t have a ton of wall space in the classroom.  Over the years I’ve gotten pretty creative when it comes to displaying documentation, and of course, one of my favorite places for inspiration is Pinterest.  Here are some of the most innovative display ideas (many of these are for photos, but could easily be modified to accomodate artwork, work samples, or panels) that I’ve found – I especially love documentation displays that could tie in with the project itself, using project related materials to display your documentation.  If you want even more ideas, be sure to check out my Project Documentation Pinboard.

Branches and photo frames from Only About Children
 Photos and drawings hanging in an Ikea Scarf Organizer from Journey Into Early Childhood 
Black and white photos in black and white frames (talk about aesthetically pleasing!) from Centsational Girl.
A documentation notebook from Prepare to Play
Photo Carousel
Embroidery hoop mobile from Natalme
Really this post could go on for quite a while, I’ve got quite a collection! I’ll end it here, but be sure to follow my Documentation Board to see all of the new ideas that I’m constantly pinning!

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