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Preschool Printables for St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve shared my picks for favorite holidays to celebrate with my students (valentine’s day!), but if it was up to my students to choose a favorite, it would definitely be St. Patrick’s day.  This always surprises me because St. Patrick’s day wasn’t really a big deal when I was younger, but they start asking about it as soon as we get back from Christmas break.  I think it has something to do with the magic and mischief that surrounds leprechauns.  All of the other fictional characters that are associated with holidays are really nice and bring children things.  Leprechauns are different, they’re sneaky, they steal things, make messes, and play tricks, but they’re still fairly harmless and fun.

I’ve always supported my students interests because I can use them to make learning fun, and if they want to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, then I’ve got a ton of activities planned for them, and I had to share them with you!

I have an entire collection of Seasonal Alphabet books, but the St. Patrick’s Day one might just be my favorite.  I think it really explores a lot of Irish culture, as well as some basic geography, which is really important to include with all of our rainbow crafts and shamrock art.

My students’ love for leprechauns isn’t lost on me.  This  Juggling Leprechaun activity helps them practice counting.  Each leprechaun has a number, and the children can count that many coins for the leprechaun to juggle.  When I do this activity in my classroom I use yellow and gold gems that the children can count out, but the set includes printable coins if you need them.

Vocabulary cards have transformed my writing center. I switch them out often and my students love trying to write all of the new words.  Their favorites are the holiday-related sets because they can use their new vocabulary words to make holiday cards.  They use the St. Patrick’s day vocabulary cards when writing letters to the friendly leprechaun that visits our classroom each year.

One year I put “search for four leaf clovers” on my lesson plans for St. Patrick’s day, then I realized that I live in Ohio where it snows until April, so unless my kids had x-ray vision, we wouldn’t be finding many four leaf clovers.  That’s what prompted me to create this Shamrock Observation set – children look at the photographs of shamrocks and clovers and pay attention to the details in order to match the photos and colors that they see.  I usually put out some magnifying glasses, along with different shade of green colored pencils and paper so that they can draw what they see. 
I use letter and number cards for everything – games, bulletin boards, circle time activities, you get the idea.  This Number and Letter Card set was created specifically for St. Patrick’s Day, but could definitely be used for other themes and occasions too. 

The one project that my students look forward to every year is creating leprechaun traps, so I put together a lesson that includes planning, predictions, and problem solving.  My Leprechaun Trap set spells out exactly what supplies you’ll need, and it includes pre-written notes from a friendly leprechaun – which makes your job easier! If you want to see some of the ways that I used this set in my classroom, check out these posts from last year:
I put together these Leprechaun Story Starters to help my students focus on the details that they need to create a story.  Each page asks a specific question, such as “What does a leprechaun look like?” and “Where does a leprechaun come from?” I ask each student to answer these questions, and the we take all of their answers and create a leprechaun story. 
Memory and matching games are hugely popular with preschoolers because these are the kinds of games that they can play and complete successfully.  This simple Shamrock Memory set could also be used to pair students up, or as a scavenger hunt where students have to find the shamrock that matches the one they have been given.  
St. Patrick’s Day numbers make math a little more fun. This set encourages basic math skills like counting, number recognition, and one to one correspondence, but with shamrocks!
There are a ton of really cute St. Patrick’s Day crafts and art projects out there, but if you’re looking for ideas that meet math, language, and science standards these are all great options for you!

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