April Currently

I was on a roll last week – prepping for Easter and all – and I couldn’t fit in the Currently. But I love sharing this little slice of my life with you, so I wanted to do it anyway, even though it’s not exactly April first.

Listening: I’m addicted to Pandora, and I’m all about singing along (it’s a good thing I’m usually alone in my house or car – no one wants to hear me sing!).  My favorite station right now is the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack station, it plays songs from the movie soundtrack, along with similar pop songs.

Loving: It has been the best three day weekend.  I actually took time to relax, and did very little work. It has been incredible.  I shopped, read an entire book, cleaned a little, and ran a ton of errands, it has been HEAVEN!

Thinking: April is without a doubt one of my busiest months, The Week of the Young Child, parent-teacher conferences, two local trainings, and I’ll be speaking at the Michigan AEYC Conference, all on top of  two HUGE projects that I need to get done this month and I kind of want to crawl under the covers and hibernate for the entire month.

Wanting: Who wouldn’t want to extend spring break just a couple more days? Since I technically only got one day off, I would really love one or two (heck even three) more days off.  I just keep counting down the days until Las Vegas (July isn’t that far away right?!)

Needing: Yes, I need an assistant, did you see my list of things to do in April, it would be great if I could just get someone to run all of my errands, but then I remember that if I didn’t have to go to the grocery store I would never take a break from work. Thank goodness for the grocery store. And Laundry. And trips to Target for no reason.

Eggs-plain: Why “Preschool Ponderings”? Alliterations just sound better, they’re easier to remember, and ponderings was the first P word that I could think of that actually made sense, and that sounded somewhat intelligent (after I googled “Ponderings” to make sure it was actually a word because spell check didn’t like it very much).

Thanks for reading my random thoughts every month, and thanks to Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for hosting such a fun link-up!

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