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It’s NAEYC Week!

The NAEYC Nation Conference is this week in Orlando and I’ll be there, will you?! This is the third time that I’ve gone to the conference and I love love love spending time learning from all of these amazing ECE professionals (and the Expo hall is fun too).

NAEYC is at the forefront of developments in Early Childhood Education, and as an educator and someone who educated other teachers, it is incredibly important to me to know where NAEYC stands.  I find myself turning to their position statements all of the time to give direction to my own work.  You can find them using the following link, the information is invaluable for teachers and administrators who are advocates for best practice!

NAEYC Position Statements

For more information about the conference, check out NAEYC’s Conference Website.  I’ll be blogging from the conference Thursday and Friday, so you can check in here for updates, and be sure to follow my instagram for photos from Orlando!

Here are my posts from last year’s conference:
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