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November Currently

I swear I just posted the October Currently, the last month flew by, and it looks like November will be just as busy! Here’s what I’m up to right now:

Listening: I will watch Gilmore Girls whenever it’s on TV.  That’s all I have to say about this particular topic 🙂

Loving: We finally finished our big addition (this has been 7 years in the making) and now I am spending all of my extra time enjoying it – walk in closet, new laundry room, and a great big master bathroom, it’s a dream come true! I actually enjoy doing laundry now!

Thinking: I swear the weekend goes faster when I have nothing on my calendar, probably because I actually have time to run all of the errands that I’ve been putting off.  Yesterday I ran all of my errands and I got home and looked at the clock, how was I gone ALL DAY?!

Wanting: I’ve been in full-on Christmas shopping mode.  The last two years I’ve finished my shopping before December, and I have had so much time to actually enjoy the holidays that I’ve made that my goal for this year too, BUT all of this shopping has left me feeling awfully poor.

Needing: My house is a wreck, if you could see my kitchen counter right now you would fully understand what I mean.  The Halloween cookie baking has left it’s mark! I know exactly how busy I’m going to be this month, and a maid would be heaven-sent!

Yummy: I love all Thanksgiving food, but there is one thing that I request to take home with me when it’s time to leave the party, dinner rolls.  My aunt makes my great grandmother’s recipe every year and I love them!

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