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Fun Crayon Products

While I fully understand that preschool budgets can be tight, sometimes it’s fun to splurge (or window shop).  Since this week is all about crayons I thought I’d share some fun crayon products for you all to drool over.  All links are affiliates, but I really love these items and I may have already purchased a few for myself!

Twistables Fun Effect Crayons Some are metallic, some are neon, some are multi-colored!

Crayola Triangular Crayons 8ct Yes, they promote proper grip, but let’s be honest – the best thing about these is that they won’t roll off the table!

Color Appeel Crayon How fun are these?! Not only are they really cute, but when the crayon starts to wear down, there’s a string at the top that you pull to peel away the wrapping. 

Crayola Egg Shaped Crayons These are designed specifically to be easy to hold, they’re perfect for older infants and young toddlers. 

Dry Erase Crayons, 8 count (98-5200) I didn’t even know that this was a thing! I’m thinking they probably wouldn’t wipe off as easily as markers, so not only would they be great for writing with, but wiping them off would take some fine motor muscles!

Bathtub Crayons How much fun would these be at the water table – or for summertime water play?!

Finger Crayons I think the kiddos would get a kick out of these!

Crayola Crayon Carver I actually saw this in the store the other day and had to do a double take.  This would be perfect for personalized party favors, making holiday gifts, or just marking names or initials on each child’s crayons. 

Multicultural Crayons Every classroom needs these.

Crayola Meltdown Crayons These are made specifically to be used for projects where you have to melt the crayons, so your project will turn out every time.

Have you seen any other fun crayon products lately? I’d love to keep adding to my collection!

*This post was not sponsored by Crayola.

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