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Fighting germs in preschool

Ugh! It’s that time of year again, you’re probably wiping every surface in the classroom with Clorox in an attempt to get rid of all of those germs.  It feels like a losing battle, they’re everywhere! I certainly don’t have a miracle solution, but I do have something that can help turn the children into your teammates in this particular war.

I noticed a couple of years ago that at this point in the year, all of those hand washing rules I stressed so much at the beginning of the school year start to get a little relaxed, and since this is exactly the time of year when I need the children to follow them the most, I created some visual aids to use as reminders.  I have a set for hand washing in general and a set for hand washing after blowing your nose.

Each set includes sequencing cards, which fit into a pocket chart.  They also have numbered sequencing cards which can be posted by the sink, or made into a ring book and hung where children can reach them easily.  You can use them for memory and sequencing activities in addition to posting them in the classroom.

I also made a set of writing prompts and discussion questions so that you can use this as an entire unit.  It’s a great way to remind children what they can be doing to help fight germs.

You can download the entire set here!

If you’re looking for additional ideas for a germs unit, then check out this post!

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