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Preschool movement playlist

In the 10 years that I’ve been working in the ECE field I’ve come into contact with a large amount of children’s music.  While every teacher loves different musicians, I find myself recommending the same albums over and over simply because these are the two that my students always want me to play when it’s time to dance.  These two albums are Big Fun by Greg and Steve and Do Re Mi Toe Leg Knee by Jim Gill.

These are the albums that I share with new preschool teachers and new preschool teachers every chance I get, and if I could mash the two albums together to create the perfect preschool movement album, it would look just like this:

  1. The Tempo Marches on (Jim Gill)
  2. The Mack Chicken Dance (Greg and Steve)
  3. Spin Again (Jim Gill)
  4. The Movement Medley (Greg and Steve)
  5. Toe Leg Knee (Jim Gill)
  6. The New Zoo Review (Greg and Steve)
  7. Spin Again… Again (Jim Gill)
Now, if children’s music is just really not your thing (believe, I understand!) then my musical recommendation for you is the original Jock Jams.  Any child who has ever been to a sporting event, or even watched one on TV, knows these songs, and there is something about them that makes it impossible to stay still when they’re playing.

I know this post is about movement songs, but since I’m sharing my favorite music for the classroom, I feel like it’s only fair to share my favorite songs for the times that you want the children to be calm.  If you’re looking for children music then I can’t tell you how much I love Return To Pooh Corner by Kenny Loggins.  Most of my love for this album is nostalgic – these are songs from my childhood, but they’re classics and perfect for quiet time.  My other favorite is anything from The Piano Guys.  Their instrumentals are the perfect mesh of classical and pop songs, you’ll want to play them all day!

What is your favorite music to play in the classroom? Share artists, albums, and pandora stations that you love in the comments!

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