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Storing and Organizing Loose Parts

Organizing all of those loose parts is important because they are usually smaller objects. If you don’t keep on top of that organization you can easily have a great big mess of loose parts. Here are some of the strategies that I’ve used to keep my loose parts organized;
Bins with drawers – these are perfect because you can choose the size of drawer that works best for the items you need to store
Tubs with lids – when I buy tubs with lids I’m very intentional to purchase the ones that my materials will fit in best. Storage space is a hot commodity and I hate to waste it with empty space inside of my tubs. The shallow tubs are my favorites for the smallest pieces because I can stack them on my shelves. I’m also a huge fan of clear tubs (for storage, not for the classroom) because I can see what’s inside really easily.
Zipper bags – sometimes Ziploc bags are the best solution for the space available. This is especially true if I’m storing materials of a similar type, I can put my aquarium stones in one bag, small pebbles in another, and glass gems in another, then I put them all in the same tub.
It’s helpful to invest in a good label maker and clearly label all of your containers. I always have the hardest time when I’m putting things away – what went in that empty tub? Where is that bag that I need? The labels really save me time and frustration when I need to rotate my materials.
The best tip that I can give you is to set up an organization system and stick too it. Put materials away where they belong as soon as you are done with them, so that you don’t end up with a mess that takes a lot longer to clean up and put away.

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