what's happening

Whats Happening?

I know that it has been August for over a week now, but this month always seems to get away from me – Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Current Favorite: Amazon has saved me so many times  in the past week! I can’t get enough of Prime two-day shipping – I ruined a pair of black sandals, the one pair that I wear to work at least three times a week, and I had a new pair in two days, even though I had no time to go shopping. I also may have started my Christmas shopping with the help of Amazon last week.
Current Project: Last month I finished my first Craftsy class and it was incredible. I made a beautiful quilted travel bag and I’ve already used it a few times. It was easier than I expected and the class video walked me through every step. I can’t wait to try another one, but for now I want to use all of the techniques that I learned to make a tote bag to go with my travel bag.

Goal for the Month: I try really hard to post something here every week day, but August is always the month that I struggle with. In August my busy personal life collides with a crazy work schedule, and all of those fun activities that I try to squeeze in before summer ends. It makes finding time to create and research and write harder than usual. So if things are a little sporadic here, that’s why – but by September I’ll definitely be back on track!

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