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Resources for Child Care Businesses

When I first started thinking about running a child care program I knew that there was a lot I would have to learn, but I had to idea how difficult it would be to find the answers I needed.  There are all kinds of resources available if you want to learn more about child development, and even more ideas for planning lessons for preschoolers, toddlers, and infants, but helpful resources for the ins and outs of running the business – not so much.

A big part of my job right now is working with administrators, I help them navigate our state’s quality rating system, but I also offer a ton of resources for any business-specific issues that they might be having.  I share some of these resources so regularly that it seems only natural to share them here too. So for those of you who are currently running a childcare program, and for those of you are thinking about doing so one day, here are a couple of resources that I think you should know about:

  • The U.S. Small business Administration’s Online Learning Center: Free webinars about topics like marketing, understanding your customer, things to know when purchasing an existing business, financing options, and how to write a business plan – just to name a few.  The wealth of resources here is invaluable!
  • Tom Copeland: I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tom Copeland. His experience and no-nonsense business attitude make it easy to understand and implement his advice on everything from record-keeping, to policy implementation, to financial practices and taxes. 
  • Early Childhood Investigations Webinars: These free webinars have been a lifeline for me. They have introduced me to countless new ideas and helped me better understand practices and concepts that I had been struggling with.  The wide variety of topics covers everything from social emotional development to curriculum implementation, to leading staff meetings. I regularly search the recorded webinars for specific topics, but I am also on their mailing list so that I can get first dibs on the newest offerings. 

I am also constantly referring providers to our local small business development center, and our local libraries do introductory classes for Microsoft Excel which is really helpful for anyone who is looking for a simple bookkeeping solution.

What are some of your favorite resources for business matters and professional development? I would love to explore some additional options for myself!

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