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Classroom Responsibilities

On Monday I shared some of my favorite tools for getting all of my routines and procedures back in place after the holidays. I look at this time of year as a perfect opportunity for starting fresh.  In addition to getting back to routines that may have gotten a little relaxed over the last month or so, I also like to introduce some new responsibilities. At this point of the year I’ve built relationships with the children, they know my rules and they’re getting back into the regular routines.  Because the children have worked through all of this already, I take this opportunity to add more of a challenge.

One of the things that I almost always add after winter break is classroom jobs.  It has taken me years to figure out a system of classroom jobs that works for me, and for the children.  I have a few requirements for this particular system:

  • It has to be easy for me to remember who has what job.
  • The jobs have to be tasks that the children can complete independently.
  • The tasks have to be incorporated into our daily schedule so that the children remember to do them.
  • There have to be cues in place to help the children remember the steps of their tasks so that I don’t spend my entire day helping students complete their jobs. 
I finally ended up creating a fool-proof system, so of course, I have to share it with you!
There are a couple of things that make this Classroom Jobs set a little different:
Each job has a name tag. On the front of the tag it lists the name of the job, along with a corresponding illustration. On the back of the tag it gives all of the steps that the child needs to complete in order to do their job, with illustrations. This means that each child can put on the name tag that goes with their job and then go do it all by them self. 

There are nice large tags to write down who is responsible for each job. I would laminate these and write names on them with a dry-erase marker so that it is really easy to switch jobs.  This also helps the children recognize which job is theirs.

Finally, each job has little tags that you can place around the room near the items or locations that the children need in order to complete their jobs. These are visual reminders that can help the children match the steps on their name tags and make sure that they are completing each step. 
This is honestly one of my favorite things that I’ve ever made for the classroom because it has so much thought put into it. It really is designed to help children be independent, which is a plus for the children and the teacher!

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