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Standards related to MLK day experiences

It’s been a while since I’ve talked standards here (but if you want to go back and read all of those posts, they’re right here).  There are a number of holidays over the next few months, and sometimes it can be hard to justify celebrating them, or spending time exploring related concepts.  I’ve become quite skilled at aligning just about any activity to related standards, so I wanted to share with you in order to help your lesson planning.

Here are some preschool standards related to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

  • Recognize and identify own emotions and emotions of others – when discussing how being treated differently makes us feel. 
  • Identify the diversity in human characteristics and how people are similar and different. 
  • Compare own characteristics to those of others.
  • Show awareness for the consequences of the consequences of his/her actions – when discussing how we can make others feel.
  • Demonstrate socially competent behavior with peers – When treating each other with respect.
  • Express concern for the needs of others and people in distress.
  • Ask questions to seek explanation about phenomena of interest – when discussing race and cultural differences, feeling open to asking questions.
  • Identify similarities and differences of personal, family and cultural characteristics, and those of others. 
  • Demonstrate cooperative behaviors and fairness in social interactions.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day is very much social-emotional and social-studies related, making this time of year the perfect time to focus on these standards that can be difficult to incorporate throughout the rest of the school year.  

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