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Creating a Parent Donation List that gets noticed!

Whether I need specific materials for a class project or there are items that I always need for the classroom (Kleenex anyone?!) Parents and families are always the first people that I ask for help.  Over the years I’ve come up with some tips for putting together donation lists that get results.

First and foremost you need parents to notice that you are asking for something.  Let them know where they can look for these kinds of messages, and make sure that you always put them in the same spot so that family members don’t have to search for them. Use bright colors and graphics that will grab their attention.  I love to use large photos of the items that I’m looking for, so that hopefully parents will remember the photos even if they can’t remember all of the items on the list.

It’s also helpful to make sure that families have a list or note to take with them, this makes it much more likely that they will remember what you need when they are actually at the store, or even at home looking for the items.  Plus, I like to put out a box or basket where they can put the items that they’ve collected.  This serves as a visual reminder that they need to bring the items in, and it lets them see what others have brought – peer pressure at it’s finest.

Finally, I think that it is really important to switch up your display regularly.  If it stays the same for too long, then parents will stop paying attention to it. When you change the images, background, and even the items that you’re asking for regularly it keeps families engaged.  The effort that you put into creating your donation display will be rewarded, families can tell when you’ve gone the extra mile and will return the effort by responding with the items that you are asking for.

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