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Easy Resources

I’m always looking for an Early childhood resource on some topic or another – things to share with families, articles to help teachers that I know are dealing with tough stuff in the classroom, ideas for encouraging best practice, and strategies for managing behavior issues.  The first place that I always turn is NAEYC.

If you aren’t familiar with NAEYC then you must be living under a rock – I’m joking, but the National Association for the Education of Young Children is a source I trust completely, which is why I look there first.  Here are some of my favorite publications from NAEYC:

  • Position Statements: These documents help professionals understand topics ranging from teacher education, early learning standards, and curriculum and assessment, to ethical conduct, diversity, technology, and violence. 
  • Young Children and Teaching Young Children: NAEYC Members can receive a print copy of these publication, as well as access to the online version of the magazines, but even if you aren’t a member there are still articles available to the public.  I share these articles with teachers all the time, here are some of my favorites: Good Job Alternatives, Spending Time Outdoors with your Child, and Using Technology to Engage Families
  • NAEYC for Families: This blog is packed full of information, and posts are written by teachers, parents, and experts in the field, including Dr. T. Berry Brazelton! Each post is short and easy to read, making them perfect for sending home, posting in the classroom, and adding to your newsletters.  
I rarely find a topic that isn’t covered in one of these NAEYC publications, making NAEYC’s website my one-stop-shop for ECE resources.

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