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New Resources

I’ve been working on a ton of different projects lately, and while doing so have stumbled across some new resources – and rediscovered some old favorites.  Here’s a few that I wanted to share with you:

  • Early Learning Resources Ohio – This site is personalized for teachers and program administrators in Ohio, but there are similar sites for other states.  I cannot say enough good things about the resources that are available to subscribers; templates, forms, policy samples, discounts, every time I log on I find something different and this would have saved me so much time when I was an administrator!
  • Child Care Aware – this site has a ton of great resources (I know that I’ve shared it before), but my current favorites are the State Fact Sheets.  I think that the information they’ve compiled is fascinating and I love to compare what each state’s child care profile looks like. 
  • Child Care Resources Inc. – I stumbled across this site and have been using it non-stop.  Their Child Care Tip Sheets are short and informative, perfect for sharing with staff, and there are even tip sheets for families too!
  • NAEYC for Families – I turn to NAEYC all the time, but lately I have really been loving the NAEYC for Families Blog because it is informative, easy to read, and user friendly.  I share their tips with teachers and families. 
I love to share information, but I hate taking the time to track down exactly what I’m looking for.  These sites have become the first places that I look, so I hope that they will be helpful for you too!

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