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Newsletter ideas!

I spend way too much time putting together monthly newsletters – partly because I enjoy designing something new each month, and partly because I can’t ever think of what I want to say.  And it never fails, the day after I send home the newsletter, I think of something that I really should have included.

I know there are a ton of newsletter templates available, but that’s not really what I’ve always needed – I need the actual content. So I put together a great big list of potential newsletter topics, this way I can scan my list and choose a few that seem especially relevant and timely.  I’ve organized the list into 4 different categories:

  1. Seasonal Activities/Ideas/Information
  2. Health and Wellness Topics
  3. Community Events and Family Engagement Activities
  4. Child Development Information
I also try to mix up the categories that I share from so that throughout the year families are getting just a little info from each topic.  Not only has this list made it so much easier for me to write my newsletters, but it has made the newsletters themselves more valuable to my families.  It is more than just a list of important dates and reminders of upcoming fundraisers.  Now my newsletters include topics that are meaningful and helpful to the parents of children in my class.  While I can’t guarantee that they read them every single month, I know that I’ve done my part to make them more interesting and helpful!

Here is the list of topics that I choose from, you can download a copy of the list to have on hand when you sit down to write your own newsletter!

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