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Free Developmental Screening Tool

Yesterday I shared some checklists that you can use to introduce families to developmental milestones, today I have a great way to complete developmental screenings.

I just found out that Easter Seals has a wonderful program called Make the First Five Count, and part of that program is to make sure that families have access to developmental screening.  Parents can go to their website and complete an Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ).  Within a couple of days the results of the questionnaire will be sent directly to their email.  They can also print a hard copy of the screening tool so that they can fill it out and share it with teachers, pediatricians, and other specialists.
I love ASQs because they are easy for parents to understand, they don’t take much time to complete, and they provide a comprehensive picture of a child’s development.  I highly recommend the tool and I think it’s incredible that Easter Seals is making it available to everyone!

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