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Playground Rules

Do you have a strict set of playground rules or are you more of the relaxed “go explore” type? I love to get others’ opinions on this particular subject because most people generally feel very strongly one way or another.

I can certainly see both sides. I understand that rules are in place for a reason, and that they can keep children from getting injured. I also understand the importance of being able to explore and be curious.

personally I tend to lean towards the “explore” side of things. I fully believe that children learn best from first hand experience and that safety can be maintained as long as I am closely supervising them.  Supervision is the key because we can talk about the natural consequences of our choices before they become unsafe.  These conversations also help build common sense and give value to the children’s interests and ideas.

Of course, that’s just what’s always worked for me, I’d love to hear your thoughts! On a side note, don’t you just love the playground in the photo above?! I bet some serious exploration could take place there!

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