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Fine Motor Orange Pomanders

Have you ever made orange pomanders? I remember making these in preschool, but I haven’t seen them around much recently.  I always love to refresh some of the activities that left an impression on me personally, so it seems like this one might be a keeper. 

They are very easy to make, you just need some oranges (any kind will work – even little clementines), whole cloves, something to poke holes with (a toothpick, push pin, screw, etc.), and some twine or ribbon. 

Start by showing the children how to poke starter holes into the skin of the orange. Once the starter holes have been made it is easy to push the cloves in.  Make any design you like, using as many or as few cloves as you want – the more cloves, the stronger the scent will be. 

Once the children have finished, wrap a piece of twine or ribbon around their pomander so that you can hang it to dry. Let them dry in a cool, dry place for a couple of weeks before hanging them in the classroom or sending them home for the holidays. 

This is a great way to introduce your students to a little bit of history that is easy to connect to their own daily lives – what air fresheners looked like before plug-ins and aerosol sprays.

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