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Encouraging family members to visit the classroom

Here’s the dilemma, we want parents to take part in classroom events, but in most cases children are in our care because their parents are working – which means that they are not available to participate in activities. 

One way to make sure parents feel like they are a part of classroom events is to use technology to share photos and anecdotes – even when parents can’t be present, they will still feel like they know exactly what happened. 

Another creative solution is to encourage parents to share events with extended family members who may be able to attend.  Grandparents might enjoy spending the afternoon with your class, and aunts, uncles, and older siblings are great guests too. 

Children will be excited to share their classroom with special family members, and introduce them to all of their friends.  These guests can bring an entirely different perspective to your classroom and extend your connection with each of your families!

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