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Today your child said…

Those four little words can strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere, and they will quickly find themselves wondering what direction this conversation is going to go.  I loved to share things that children said during the day, and I’ve certainly heard hilarious quotes from tiny little mouths, but I’ve also heard children say things that are incredibly insightful.

When I share these quotes with parents they are always so happy to have that little window into their child’s day, and it does wonders to build relationships with those parents.  They appreciate that I am paying enough attention to their child to remember what he or she said, and it helps them feel closer to their child, even though they can’t be with them all day.

I created this set of adorable seasonal note cards as an easy way to let parents know what their children are thinking about, and to brighten parents’ day.  You can get your copy here!

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