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Classroom Wish List

What would you buy for your classroom if you won the lottery? Have you ever considered it? I can think of so many things that would be awesome to have, but I think I narrowed it down to a couple of options – at least for me. 

I would love to have:

1. An endless supply of art materials.  I have always been the teacher that uses anything and everything that I can get my hands on for art, just so that I don’t have to spend tons of money. I would love to not have to decide that I can’t do a project with my students because I can’t afford the supplies.  My wish list would include (affiliate links)

2. Closet organization system. If I wont the lottery I would immediately stop storing my materials in millions of ziploc bags and buy a bunch of these hardware storage cabinets and stacking drawers. (Affiliate links)
What would be on your wish list?

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