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    February Month of Preschool Activities

    I shared the list of everything included in my January Month of Preschool set a couple of weeks ago and wanted to make sure that I did the same with the February set so that you can make next month’s prep a little easier on yourself! Here’s EVERYTHING that’s included in the February Month of Preschool set: Wow! There are so many materials in this set! At 290 pages, these activities should keep your class busy, and learning a ton during the month of February. You can purchase the set here, and learn more about each monthly set (and the 12 month bundle) here.

  • Currently – February

    I’m not quite sure what happened to January, it flew by! I can’t say I’m complaining, the faster that warm spring weather gets here, the happier I’ll be.  Since it’s officially February, that means its also time for a Currently.  Here’s what I’m up to right now: Listening: I didn’t have a great day. It was a bit of a stressful Monday, so I figured the best way to put things in perspective was to watch the news. Between the local news and the national news, someone must’ve had a much worse day than I did.  I sat down to watch with a cookie and a glass of wine, so…