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    Volcano Books for the Classroom

    On Wednesday I shared some activities to use when exploring volcanos – and how to decide if this is a relevant topic for your class. Today it’s all about the volcano books that will support this exploration. There are so many volcano books for children that are truly not written at a level young children can understand. The vocabulary, depth, and assumed prior knowledge is too much, especially for preschoolers. I was able to find some winners though! Here are the books that I recommend (all are affiliate links):

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    Preschool Volcano Theme

    I’m a huge proponent of exploring themes that are relevant to the children you teach, but I also strongly believe that doesn’t always mean that they HAVE to be themes that children interact with in their everyday life in order to be relevant. If children are especially fascinated with a topic, to the point that it has become a regular topic of conversation in their classroom, then it is relevant in my eyes. This is where topics like dinosaurs, space, make-believe, wild animals, far away landscapes, etc. begin to become appropriate classroom themes. This week we’re tackling one of those topics; volcanos! There are so many ways to explore volcanos…