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The messiest activity ever!

I have a class full of boys, so they aren’t super interested in the Valentine’s day activities that I have done with groups in the past (however I suspect that may change next week when half of my plans include candy hearts…), but yesterday we did an art project that had them hooked.

I know you’ve seen this one on Pinterest, that’s where I first saw the idea.  I was sure the boys would love it, but I was wholly unprepared for the mess that it would make.  The idea is that you put a piece of paper on a tray or cookie sheet, then stretch rubberbands across the tray.  The students snap the rubberbands in paint, in order to splatter the paint on the paper.

Now, I’m all for making a mess, and my kids know exactly what I’ll say if paint ends up on the table, in fact, theyve been known to quote me to each other, saying “it’s no big deal, we’ll clean it up later.” Umm, yeah, this was more of a “I’m gonna stand all the way across the room and take pictures using the zoom on my camera, and when you’re done I’ll spend the rest of the morning scrubbing paint off of literally every surface in the classroom.” But, they did have a ton of fun!

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