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May Currently!

Yay! I finally made time to jump on the Currently Trend! It couldn’t be better time, I love love love this month’s theme, how festive are these flowers?! And now I’m done with the exclamation points, promise.  I’m linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade (She’s the creative genius behind currently and all of the great monthly artwork).

Listening: I have really gotten into Dancing with the Stars this season, which is a little weird because I can’t honestly tell you the last season that I watched. Maybe its because I really love Meryl and Candace (she will always be like my big sister), and maybe its because my husband hasn’t been home on Monday nights to say “Are you really gonna watch this?” Tonight I’m loving that Abby Lee Miller is the guest judge, I LOVE DANCE MOMS!
Loving: When I got the mail tonight their were two packages waiting for me. One was an anniversary gift that I ordered for my husband (our third anniversary is next week), and one was something fun for me. Way too many of my friends have been having home show parties lately, but I love when the stuff I order comes in the mail, it feels like Christmas!
Thinking: At the beginning of the week I sit down with my planner and make my to do list for the week. I’ve been putting off writing down my to do list this week because I’m slightly overwhelmed by how long it’s going to be. Maybe if I don’t write it all down it won’t seem so bad…
Wanting: I have so many different things in the works right now. I’ve been working non-stop (literally 70 hours a week) since February, and I want so badly for all of my projects to turn out successfully. I’ve always been an instant gratification kind of girl, so this winter and spring has been rough on me. I’ve watched all of my friends settle into their jobs and really figure out who they are, and lately it feels like I just can’t quite get there. I’m so ready though, I’ve got big dreams and I want to see them come true RIGHT NOW. Agh!
Needing: I don’t know what it is about this blog, but I love sharing with all of you.  Writing has always been an outlet for me, so I love that I get to write and people will actually read it, but I really do have other things to get done – hence the to do list.
Surprise: No more surprises please! It has been one big surprise after another for the last year of my life – surprise, your school is closing! Surprise, it takes six months to license a child care center! Surprise, here’s 16 inches of snow! Surprise, you just broke your ipad! Enough already, unless of course you want to send me a good surprise, in that case i’ll take it. 
Thanks for letting me share with you! Enjoy the rest of the first week of may!

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