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Teacher Appreciation Sale!

In case you missed yesterday’s awesome blog hop, it’s Teacher Appreciation week! I’m celebrating by putting my store on sale (along with the vast majority of other TPT sellers) May 6th and 7th so that my favorite teachers can score some awesome deals!

I’ll definitely be shopping during the sale, because I’m a teacher too, and we all love discounts! Here are are some of the awesome items that I can’t wait to put in my shopping cart:

Plan and Go Teacher Lesson Planner in Heart of Gold. This AMAZING planner is by A Modern Teacher. I used her Happy Day Planner this year and I am absolutely in love with it.  The download is 100% editable – and there are tons of page formats to choose from so you can print the ones that work for you. I can’t wait to get my hands on the gold version, I am in love with the foil polka dots!

Baking Clip Art Set.  Seriously, how awesome are these doodles?! They are by Molly Tillyer who is super talented.  I’m sure that I could think of a million ways to use them in the classroom, but to be honest, I have entirely selfish reasons for wanting this set, I’m planning my sister’s bridal shower and these would be perfect for the invitations.

Resale Clipart. I’m going to have to restrain myself in this particular store. There are three clipart sets on my wishlist, but every time that I visit Resale Clipart I fall in love with something new!

My wishlist is slightly heavy on the clipart this time around, but that’s natural seeing as I plan on spending my summer creating products for the classroom.  There is one thing in my store that I highly recommend as a gift for your favorite teacher – whether you are looking for a teacher appreciation gift or an end of the year teacher gift.

This is my Classroom Recipe book. It is packed full of all the recipes that teachers are constantly searching for on pinterest – playdough, home made paint, sensory paint, diy bubbles, sensory sand, salt dough, flubber and slime, even model magic, just to name a few.  This is a great resource and a perfect last minute gift because you can print it from home.  Put the pages in sheet protectors and place them in a three-ring binder with a special note from you or your child, and you’ve got a great gift that teachers will actually be able to use year after year!

Enjoy Teacher Appreciation week and be sure to stop by the Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher Appreciation Sale!

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