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A Halloween Candy Activity

My school did a local Halloween parade yesterday (so fun!) and I swiped some left over candy (can you believe we had left over candy?!) so that I could show you this fun activity. Of course, the more time I spent thinking about the activity, the more ideas I had, and then it became a printable, so you get a freebie too!

The idea is really simple, but it uses candy, so I guarantee your students will want to participate! Just gather a good variety of candy, and use the charts that I’ve made to help your students figure out which letters they can find on the candy wrappers.  You can write the names of the candy on the cart, or your students can do it themselves.  This activity is the best because you can really tailor it to the needs of your students. You could do it as a large group activity, passing out different candies to each child, and then asking them to tell you the letters that they see.  I’ve also included strips that allow you to put the name of just one candy on the chart, and your students can fill out the rest of the chart, completing one at a time.  This would be perfect for my students because they would be completely overwhelmed by all of the boxes on the larger chart.  Does all of that make sense, my brain is feeling a bit mushy at the moment 🙂 anyway here, you can check it out for yourself.  Click this link to download your copy!

This activity is also great for the week after Halloween. I really like to keep my Halloween activities out for a few days, even after the holiday is over because my students get so excited for Halloween, they need a little time to say goodbye to it before we move on and start thinking about Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the freebie and let me know what you think in the comments!

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